Lotti "Queen" Gelh

Lotti Gelh

Soukou no Strain
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Lotti Gelh (ロッティ・ゲラー)

A Reasoner who uses her status 'above' the common Gambee pilots to interfere when justice is needed. She has a sharp mind and a wide network of friends, the closest of which are called the Space Squadron, of whom she is Queen; she is most often seen with Jessie. Lotti is determined to have her Space Squadron fight together as a team, and she tries various plans to convince Sara to cooperate in this as the series goes on. However, before Sara becomes a willing member of her team, which Lottie describes as "as close as family, partners in life and death," Lotti must realize that she, too, should work as a team member instead of a dictator.

She seems to question who Sara was, but doesn't know Sara's real identity. Lotti notices that Sara "fights like a Reasoner". She hates Ralph Werec because he killed Lotti's older brother during his attack on Grabera Academy. Lotti nurtures the ambition of someday killing Ralph herself. While Lotti reacts violently to the news of Sara's true identity, near the end, she becomes one of Sara's strongest supporters.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Leigh, Cherami

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