Coco (Earth Land)

Coco (Earth Land)

Fairy Tail
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Coco (Earth Land) (ココ)
Coco is the Earth Land counterpart of Coco, who uses Athletic Magic as her form of Magic.

Earth Land Coco is a short girl with long brown hair that is braided and tied at the end with a blue bauble. Her cheeks are usually seen flushed and she has a puppydog-like nose and smile, giving her the appearance of a cute little animal.

She dons a pair of dark green tights, which she wears under a colourful dress. The top and sleeves of the dress are white, with a blue collar and cuffs. From her chest downwards, the dress becomes detailed and colourful, being divided into many sections, with the chest area and skirt being yellow, and the part that covers Earth Land Coco's stomach red. On her feet, Earth Land Coco wears a pair of bright red sandals.

Earth Land Coco does not have the kind, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly personality that her Edolas counterpart possess. In fact, she is much the opposite, attacking her enemies with ferocity and precision. She seems to take great pride in her abilities, and after performing a particularly difficult stunt of some description, she will openly shout the performance scores she believes her opponent has granted her, with them always being 8/10 or above.

Despite her harder personality, Earth Land Coco still seems quite naive, seen when Lucy and Michelle managed to fool and confuse her by playing a tricky word game and pretending that the other girl was Lucy. After the said game, Lucy said that she felt guilty fooling around with the girl, with Michelle commenting that she is still "so innocent".

In contrast to her Edolas counterpart, Earth Land Coco has stated that she hates cats.

(Source: Fairy Tail Wikia)

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Murakawa, Rie
Volpe, Monica
Angelle, Felecia
Andrés, Eva