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Yamato Takeru: After War
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Mikazuchi (ミカヅチ)
Mikazuchi is one of the Sky Warriors commanded by the Tsukuyomi. He is relentless in his quest for power and the destruction of the human race. Although cunning and decisive, Mikazuchi is coldhearted in his actions. A capable warrior, he wields a golden sword that he sheaths behind his back. He is the older brother of Oto.

Mikazuchi was the designated pilot of Susanoo. However, he is too late in his search and Susanoo is claimed by Yamato Takeru instead. After becoming possessed by the Crimson Essence, he pilots the Sky Guardian Gaiou. Gaiou is one of the most powerful Sky Guardians created, with the ability to drain energy from foes and wields a red trident. It was originally promised to Mikazuchi if he were to kill Yamato Takeru, but he fails to do so. He claims ownership of Gaiou regardless, thus severing his allegiance to the Tsukuyomi. Although branded a traitor by his fellow Sky Warriors, his objective remains to destroy Yamato Takeru, the human race, and all who get in his way.

Voice Actors
Morikawa, Toshiyuki