Fina S. Shinozaki

Fina S. Shinozaki

Mugen no Ryvius
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Fina S. Shinozaki (ファイナ・S・篠崎)

Having been born and raised on Uranus, where the harsh environment of the planet gave rise to a special form of religion, Fina has a unique sense of ethics based on the followings of her sect's founder, Mother Arne. At 16, Fina is extremely beautiful, but due to her aloof mannerisms stemming from her beliefs and her standing in the Uranian aristocracy, she is hard to approach. Fina's creed is "cut off the past with your own hands", which she sometimes takes too literally. She also has a pet ferret, Rafra, who becomes the unofficial mascot for the Ryvius.

Voice Actors
Zanni, Chiara
Aikawa, Rikako
Yun, Mi Na

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