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Kouji Aiba

From Earth, 16-year-old Kouji is brother to Yuki, childhood friend to Aoi, good friends with fellow piloting student and roommate Ikumi and an honest and good person. The main character, Kouji along with Yuki was raised by their mother after their parents divorced, and unconsciously acts as a patronizing guardian to his brother. He is an average student, ranking 26th on the piloting exams (compared to Yuki and Ikumi, who ranked first and second place respectively). Seemingly weak and spineless, Kouji is in fact very diplomatic and good at dealing with people. Yet for some reason Kouji cannot seem to get along with his own brother, Yuki, as fights, both verbal and physical seem to be inevitable whenever the brothers meet face-to-face. Outside of these domestic disputes, Kouji conducts his life with as little interaction with his brother as possible. Kouji also has an obvious attraction to Uranian aristocrat Fina S. Shinozaki, though how this relationship will proceed, and indeed if Kouji's feelings are even reciprocated, remains to be seen

Voice Actors
Shiratori, Tetsu
Swaile, Brad
Kang, Su Jin

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