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Tenkuu no Escaflowne
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Dornkirk (ドルンカーク)

The leader of Zaibach and main antagonist of the series. He is said to be the equivalent of two hundred Earth years old and is unveiled throughout the series as

Young Dornkirk learned that physical attraction between matter is caused by the force of gravity. He thus believed that everything in the universe, including fate and destiny, is caused by a force and everything is governed by a universal law. His theories and discoveries led him into the invention of machines that can predict and change the future. He was transported into Gaea and later became Emperor Dornkirk of Zaibach.

Dornkirk continually looks into the future with his Destiny Prognostication Engine in order to create an ideal future for Gaea by unlocking the secrets of Atlantis. Hitomi's visions of the future and Van's connection to Escaflowne continually interfere with his efforts, however.

The future he seeks to create is the "zone of absolute fortune", in which everyone's wishes would come true. However, it is that very power that destroyed Atlantis.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Newman, Richard
Yamanouchi, Masato
Penne, Dario
Schwartz, Jeremy
Mitéran, Luc

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