Adelle "Anaguma" Bascud

Adelle Bascud

One Piece Movie 4: Dead End no Bouken
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Adelle Bascud (アデル・バスクード)
Adelle Bascùd is a character that appears in the fourth movie. She was the assistant to the boiler man, Biera, (whom she calls 'Grandpa') on board Gasparde's ship. She used the nickname "Anaguma (アナグマ)". She was thought to be a boy due to her tomboyish appearance, personality, and voice (which is actually her normal voice). She is stubborn, but means well. After Gasparde is defeated, it is revealed through Biera to Shuraiya Bascùd that he rescued a little girl from a river eight years ago.

Voice Actors
Sakai, Miki
Soler, Cristina