Sumire "Permy, Curly Perm, Curly, Cat-Dog Girl" Shouda

Sumire Shouda

Gakuen Alice
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Gakuen Alice
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Sumire Shouda (正田 スミレ)

Nickname: Permy,Cat-dog girl
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Born: May 31
Horoscope: Gemini
Alice: Cat and Dog Predisposition
Alice Stone Color: Green
Sumire Shōda is the self-declared president of the Natsume and Ruka fanclub. She has a dog-cat Alice which gives her enhanced smell and hearing capabilities, as well as making her sprout cat whiskers and dog ears and promoting the desire to walk on all fours. Mikan also knows her brother as ‘seaweed head'. Mikan also gave Sumire a nickname, Permy. However, only she, and occasionally Natsume, used it.

Even though she has a crush towards both Natsume and Ruka, she is not romantically interested in them; rather she sees them as matinée idols. Though she sometimes bullies Yome Kokoro, her affections are meant for him, her long time partner and best friend.

She initially disliked Mikan for many reasons, but later becomes on "good terms" with her, though she still considers Mikan a rival of sorts. When the rumors Luna spreads about Mikan causing the incident, Sumire defends Mikan. Sumire was also the reason why Mikan got a no star at the beginning of the series.

She is a Double Star Student. She belongs to the Somatic class together with Ruka.

Voice Actors
Saitou, Chiwa
Thompson, Claudia
Chae, Ui Jin
Ciccorelli, Deborah
Heller, Angélique

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