Elise von "Hole Digger Elise, Elly" Barbaroque

Elise von Barbaroque

Dai Mahou Touge
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Elise von Barbaroque (エリーゼ=フォン=バルバロック)

The daughter of the previous king of Magical Land, Elise seeks to exact revenge against Punie for stealing her place as the next-in-line for the throne after Punie's mother Esmeralda's coup. She digs large diameter holes in the ground as traps, resulting in a nickname of "Hole Digger Elise" from Punie to her displeasure. She appears in episode 3 of the OVA making a direct challenge to Punie. Despite Elise's apparent advantage against Punie in unarmed combat in the early stages of their face-off, she eventually succumbs and is subsequently tortured with as many as 7 different kinds of submission holds and locks off-camera before Tetsuko and Anego. After the initial encounter, Elise becomes Punie's classmate, and sits behind Tetsuko.

Voice Actors
Noto, Mamiko
Reilly, Georgette

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