Protagonist "Dextera, Number 12"



Baroque: Ketsuraku no Paradigm
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Protagonist (主人公)
In the year 2032, a nameless amnesiac awakes in a world wrought by devastation: a cataclysmic explosion known as the "Blaze," or the "Great Heat." Unable to speak, the boy is confronted by a mysterious, red-eyed man with wings. According to the man, simply named the Archangel, the boy is responsible for the state that now plagues the world. After giving him an oddly shaped gun, the Archangel points to an ominous edifice in the distance: the Neuro Tower. His instructions for the boy are simple: venture to the tower's bottom and obtain salvation.

Dextera begins the story constantly emoting confusion, having lost his memories prior to the Great Heat. A strong desire to rid himself of a dreadful sense of guilt encourages him to push deeper into the Neuro Tower's depths, though he does not know the source of the guilt. His ignorance regarding the current world makes Dextera somewhat naive, as he believes almost everything he is told by the Archangel without question. Even when a frustrated Archangel chastises him for failure, Dextera passively withstands the verbal abuse and continues to seek comfort and guidance from him.

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