Eri Minami

Persona 4 the Animation
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Eri Minami (南 絵里)

August 18 she is first seen with Yu at parks. Then at the Summer Festival she along with Yuta watching fireworks and get along.

Then back to previous weeks when she is first seen August 10 as she apologize to the Kaneko's mother of his son, Yuuta behavior as she pay for the toy broken but Yu took the "blame" for her that he will pay for everything he had. On August 18 she met Yu and talk about that Yuuta is not her actual son only his father son, she wondering if his step son hate her and Eri wished that she will get along with him. Then at Summer Festival when the Kaneko proclaim that Yuuta drop his cotton candy, but he didn't, As the Kaneko's mother mocking her that she worse mother ever Yuuta got angry and pull her awhile boy's mother about to hit him Eri jumped in in order to protect Yuuta and end up getting injured on her head bleeding. After Yu treated her injuries, she awake up to see Yuuta alright, then she embaced Yuuta in her arms. Eri thank Yu for everything that now she is able regain his trust with Yuuta, awhile she leaves Eri holding hands with Yuuta. During the credit she is seen at the park holding Yuuta along Kaneko and his mother who seens have trouble getting along.


Voice Actors
Itou, Miki
Arem, Valerie