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Saki Konishi

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Saki Konishi (小西 早紀)
Saki Konishi is a minor character in Persona 4. A senior to the Protagonist and Yosuke Hanamura, she works as a part time worker in Junes. She is also the eldest daughter of a family business liquor store, whose brother Naoki is a junior of the protagonist.

She was first seen working at Junes as a kind, generous person and was very nice to Yosuke. She called him "Hana-Chan". After her death, Saki's inner thoughts are later revealed when the Protagonist and Yosuke investigate the Midnight Channel. In truth, her family liquor store's sales were falling because of the opening of Junes. Furthermore, her decision to take a job as a part-time worker in Junes greatly irritated her family and such, her father would often scold her for her decisions.

After being a witness of the murder case, her dilemma is further fueled when her classmates and friends began talking behind her back and she finally confessed that, in reality, she hated Yosuke and only befriended him because he is the son of the manager of Junes.

Voice Actors
Straus, Jessica
Nakase, Hina