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Mujoe (ムジョー)
Mujoe appears in the Bomberman Jetters (Anime) initially as one of the main villians. He has an allegiance with MechaDoc who provides him with Gadgets to create artificial Bombermen. He is shown to have a fatherly relationship with the Bomber Shitennou, even allowing Grand Bomber to take on White Bomber on his own as a show of respect and honour. His role becomes less of a villian and more of an ally and acquaintence as the story progresses, as towards the end of the entire series, Mujoe even allies with the Jetters in order to save Bagura from MechaDoc, as his relationship with him is revealed to be more of a strong lasting friendship than that of a "boss-and-his-lacky". It's also revealed that he started of as a nobody who drank his life away because of a failing life, no job, girlfriend leaving and no money. Mujoe was also noticeably overweight and had brown hair. However, Bagura soon found him and invited him to his home, which Bagura gave Mujoe a job as his right-hand man with a salary of 180,000 yen, among other benefits. They all turned out to be a lie, but despite this, Mujoe promised to help Bagura and after sharing, what appears to be a pot noodle, the Hige-Hige group was born.

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Ishii, Kouji