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Sugar (シュガー)

The second main character, is a female little snow fairy, who tries to use her piccolo to summon snow from the sky. She has wanted to be a snow fairy since a child in an attempt to follow in her mother's footsteps; a famous snow fairy who could summon snow that is both soft and warm.

Sugar acts like a small child; she is clumsy, stubborn and has a short attention span, and has the habit to kiss whoever she is fond of when she is happy. She tries her best to be friends with Saga, but often gets things wrong. Sugar, like every fairy in the series, has an unequaled love of waffles. In the anime, it is led to believe that she mispronounces waffles as 'waffos'. Whenever Sugar gets excited, she squeals 'waffo!' (in the manga, she said 'waffos' before ever eating a waffle.) (Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kawakami, Tomoko
Forstadt, Rebecca
Bae, Jeong Mi

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