Raisa Pöttgen

Raisa Pöttgen

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Raisa Pöttgen (ライーサ・ペットゲン)
Raisa is the witch who protects Hanna-Justina Marseille's back and the sky above her as consort. While she might look childish, her personality is mother-like and she's good at taking care of others. She is "a good kid" according to Marseille.

While she is obviously skilled enough to keep up even with Marseille's sometimes irregular maneuvers, she always prioritizes helping Marseille raise her score rather than achieve something on her own, and is fully devoted to being Marseille's consort.

Her feelings for Marseille could be described as a something close to worship, and while she takes great care in fulfilling her part as a support, she maintains a distance in private.

She never felt proud of her own achievements, even when she gained the title of an ace after downing 6 enemies, which she considered Marseille's leftovers.

When Marseille was ordered to form a joint aviation corps "Afrika" by Flight Lieutenant Katou of the Fuso Army, Raisa befriended Sergeant Inagaki from the same unit and took it upon herself as her mentor.

Her fighter pilot archetype is Rainer Pöttgen.

(Source: Strike Witches Wiki)

Voice Actors
Kusumi, Aiko
Doskocil, Amanda