Shu "Kento Rei Fang, Xiu Lei Huang" Rei Fuan

Shu Rei Fuan

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Shu Rei Fuan (秀麗黄)

Kento Rei Faun, is a member of the Ronin Warriors and arguably has the greatest physical strength of the entire group, shown to perform feats like stopping speeding trucks, without using his armor. Like Ryo, he has a short temper and is quick to anger when provoked, but he also has the biggest heart, and is a loyal friend when push comes to shove. His armor of Hardrock is said to be the most violent of the armors.

Kento has the largest family of the Ronins, and is the oldest of five siblings. He has two sisters, Rinfi and Chun Fa, and two brothers, Mei Ryu and Yun. Kento's parents (Chan Run and unnamed mother) own a successful restaurant business in Yokohama; as a result, the family is quite wealthy, although Kento doesn't consider being rich a big deal. Kento is best friends with Cye; he and Cye are shown rooming together while staying at Mia's house, and they go surfing together in Kikoutei Densetsu.

Kento's armor is Hardrock, and his Virtue is Gi (Justice). His weapon is a combination of a three-section staff and a naginata and he sometimes wields the sanketsukon like a pair of nunchakus in close combat. The armor's surekill is Iron Rock Crusher (called Gan Tessai in YST) which causes a massive earthquake-like disruption in the Earth around him.

Kento, like the other Ronins, acquired a new suit of armor in the 3rd OVA, Message, but its powers and abilities are unknown.


Voice Actors
Nishimura, Tomohiro
Iacono, Gianluca
Gray-stanford, Jason
Ogouz, Philippe
Rufino, Sérgio
Portuguese (BR)
François, Marc
Patiño, Marcos
Ruju, Pasquale