Elena "Ellen Brooks" Peoples

Elena Peoples

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Elena Peoples (エレナ・ピープルズ)
Birthdate: November 11th, 2009

Elena is a IFO pilot for Team Pied Piper, piloting the RA304 Kyrie. She is a reserved 15-year-old girl who is hard to read. She is an avid netizen and enjoys checking up on her favorite websites to see if they are updated, even in the field. She makes various references to anime, manga, and video games.

She was originally known as Ellen Brooks, who lived in 1981 until Eureka saved her during a Scrub burst near the Caribbean Sea that teleported her to the year 2020 where she ended up in an American research facility making IFO pilots. Some time before she was recruited by Generation Bleu, Ellen took the name "Elena Peoples" from another girl who died five years prior to the beginning of the series. Since then, Elena desires to return to Eureka's timeline thus showing an unconcealed hatred towards her.

Voice Actors
Omigawa, Chiaki
Saxton, Jad