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Transformers Galaxy Force
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Chromia (クロミア)
Chromia (Thunderblast in English version) is obsessed with power. She craves it, but rather than directly attaining it herself, she instead seeks to gain power by latching onto a male Destron who has it. She forms an instant infatuation with the strongest Destron she can find... but as soon as the power structure shifts, so does the focus of her affections. She is usually seen clinging all lovey-dovey to Master Megatron/Galvatron, ignoring the fact that he has no interest in her whatsoever beyond her ability to follow orders and destroy Cybertrons (and be used as a disposable pawn if necessary).

Though she's fickle and flighty (and greedy and selfish and opportunistic and vain and overconfident and...) she's not stupid. She knows how to use her wiles to get what she wants and is always looking for suckers to manipulate to her advantage. She knows Cybertrons are generally reluctant to shoot at a female and uses that to her advantage as long as she can... at least, long enough to give them a face full of missiles. She's an effective warrior as most are on land but when it comes to aquatic combat, few can match her skill.

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Voice Actors
Kuwatani, Natsuko