Noblesse: Awakening
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Age: Unknown (>25)
Race: Human (modified)
Occupation: (deceased)
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: (bald)

M-24 is a large, bulky and muscular guy with a purplish-tinted skin, who wears a black fedora with a gray turtleneck sweater, black jacket and dark pants. Though he appears to be cruel and cold-hearted at first, it is later revealed that he can be very compassionate and caring towards others. He shares a very close relationship with M-21 because they were the only 2 remaining from their group. Together, they try to find out their comrades’ names. He even wished for M-21 to call him ‘older brother’ because he thinks that previously in his life, he had younger siblings.

M-24 was one of the first 100 humans (M-1 to M-100) that were experimented on by the Union. He is considered a failed experiment, like M-21, and he is dependent on pills from the union that prevent his body from deteriorating. In time he has developed the ability of minor mind-control as side effect of the experiments done on him. He helped M-21 to learn how he could withstand mind control by launching several attempts of mind control on him. He was also capable of producing ‘infected’ and control them.

(Source: Wikipedia and Noblesse Wikia)

Voice Actors
Tanzawa, Teruyuki