Rajak Kertia

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Rajak Kertia (라자크 케르티아)

Age: unknown (>800)
Race: Noble
Occupation: former Kertia clan leader
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: Blond
Rajak is the head of the house of Kertia, a clan of assasins, and Rael’s older brother. His soul weapon is Kartas and it takes the form of two daggers, the same as his younger brother’s soul weapon Grandia. Since Rael also has a soul weapon without being the clan leader, Rajak’s soul weapon is incomplete. Initially, it was assumed by Rael that Rajak didn’t know about this, but later it is revealed that he did. Unlike Rael, he has impressive control over his soul weapon and uses it to hide his aura. This way he can be discreet like a true assassin. He can also create multiple copies of himself to surround the enemy. Combined with his hidden aura and enhanced speed, it is extremely hard for his enemy to know which one is the real Rajak and where the attacks will come from.
He is very loyal to the Lord and executes anything he has been bidden to do without question. He also shows great respect to the other clan leaders and scolds Rael when he insulted Gejutel. He executes his job as a clan leader wholeheartedly. When Rael manages to wound Frankenstein during a fight with Rajak by using a sneak attack, Rajak slashed himself to compensate for his brother’s foul play.

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Voice Actors
Laisné, Grégory
Kumagai, Kentarou
Mena, Héctor