Russ "The Blazing Backside, Mikoshiarashi" Nicholls

Russ Nicholls

Naked Wolves
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Russ Nicholls
Name: Russ Nicholls
Age: 18
Birthdate: November 9
Height: 5'9½
Blood Type: A+

Russ is a charismatic sumo often inspiring his fellow peers. He values all his friends and family and shows them great respect when in battle. Travelling the world he hopes to learn new skills that will increase his strength and earn him the title of Sumo Champion.

Russ's main move set revolves around his backside. This normally is used both for distraction and attack gaining him notoriety even among high class fighters. Although he has a lot to learn he is still a very capable fighter being able to knock some characters out with one hit.

Voice Actors
Nakai, Kazuya
Jang, Gwang