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Charles Beams (チャールズ・ビームス)

Charles Beams is a freelance LFO pilot and mercenary, with his partner and wife Ray. Initially content in his life of transporting goods and people, as well as fighting thieves and raiders, he is brought into conflict with Gekkostate when the Beams are hired by the military to retrieve Eureka and the Nirvash from them. He and his wife were also part of SOF, and they share a past with Holland, Dewey, and Adrock.

Charles is personally humorous and easygoing, but under his genial exterior he's still as much a killer as he was while leading an elite force. He has many dualities like this in his life — for instance, he displays a collection of high-tech ref boards in his living quarters aboard the Swan, but in battle he always keeps an old bolt-action rifle (possibly a Mauser Karabiner 98k) by his side. It is at least somewhat more advanced than it appears, as the rounds are capable of piercing LFO armor.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kosugi, Juurouta
Seitz, Patrick
Petruo, Thomas
Indrio, Saverio
Júlio, Ronaldo
Portuguese (BR)
Brüll, Patrick

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