Yoshikazu "Old Man" Suzuki

Yoshikazu Suzuki

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Yoshikazu Suzuki (鈴木 良一)

First appearance in manga: Chapter 134

Yoshikazu Suzuki is best known as "Old Man." Not much is known about him except that he is a fairly old widower who has a grandson. Surprisingly, it does not take long for Kurono to grow attached to him and vice versa. He sees Kurono as a role model, and even gives his 100 points to revive his friend Masaru Kato so that Kei may leave the game. He sees Kurono as the world's hope for "survival." He has saved Kei's life multiple times and he emulates Kei. After Kei dies however, it seems as if his morale lowers and he sides with the majority on not trying to help others because it was too dangerous. During the mission in Italy, he is killed by dismemberment while protecting Inaba from a group of new powerful enemies.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Ikeda, Shuuichi
Haberkorn, Todd
Chaves, Júlio
Portuguese (BR)
Gerlach, Rainer
Lezama, Ernesto
Donnay, Patrick
Anselmo, Pasquale

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