Suzuka "Suzuka-hime, Princess Suzuka"



Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga
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Suzuka (錫華姫)
Suzuka is one of the main characters in Endless Frontier and she is the princess of the Shiki-oni tribe. Taking the appearance of a 14- to 15-year-old though is believed to be over 100 years old, she travels to find the reason behind the sudden appearance and rapid growth of "Mild Keil" crystals in the Shiki-Oni's Megi Castle. Suzuka is also Kaguya's childhood friend and dual wields a pair of fans. During combat, she primarily battles by calling upon the help of the Jyaki-GUN-Oh, one of the mecha featured in the game who she controls like a puppet using wires attached to her fans through dance moves, she is also capable of using her fans and wires as striking weapons. She harbors an interest in androids and mechanical beings.

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