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She gives the missions to the Night Wizard and seems to be in control. She lives in a castle which seems to be floating above Earth or in another dimension. Whenever she asks a Night Wizard to do a mission, she gives them no choice by pre-empting every mission she assigns with "For the request that I will ask you now please reply 'Hai' or 'Yes'". Despite her looks, she is much older than she seems. She comes off as an all-seeing person to everyone but Hiiragi whom she berates, embarrasses, uses against his will and torments. She doesn't seem to care about anything she does to Hiragi as long as she gets her way. One example of this is the way she gets Hiiragi to come to her palace; while everyone else gets transported in a very comfortable way she makes it unpleasant for him by hooking him on a giant hook from a helicopter for example.

Voice Actors
Kogure, Ema

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