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Elis Shihou

She recently transferred to Kimei Academy. On her first day at school she was recruited into the Astronomy Club by Kureha Akabane. During a fight with an emulator her artifact(broom) named Ain Soph Aur, which takes the form of her bracelet, revealed its power to protect her. Anzelotte told Erisu that her special ability will allow them to get to the Emulators world. To do this she must first collect the seven jewels of virtue which are kept in her bracelet.

Jewel of Kindness - Erisu found this orange jewel inside of the ancient tree by Kimei Academy while in the trance when she first discovered her powers. Its power is to heal. So far we have only seen Erisu heal herself with it.
Jewel of Wisdom - Erisu and team tracked this blue jewel down inside of a temple on the magical continent of Magallanica.
Jewel of Fortitude - This purple jewel was taken from Chang-o, on the moon, who was herself using it as a source of power.
Jewel of Faith - This green jewel was given to Elis by Andou Kurusu, a demon-sword user formerly in the employ of Anzelotte, who had kept the jewel in defiance of Anzelotte after a mission went sour.
Jewel of Temperance - This red jewel was in the possession of Anzelotte, Elis was able to obtain after overcoming its ability those who would possess it in a dream state. This jewel was retrieved with the assistance of the Dream-User Nightmare. It has the power to suppress "all kinds of power" as described by Anzelotte, and was used shortly after to sap the magic from Pheus Mor.
Jewel of Justice - This violet jewel was in the possession of a Demon Lord trying to summon Syaimal using the Tower of Babel. Using the Ain Soph Aur this jewel lets Shihou Elis create an energy sword out of her artifact, it was this ability that defeated the Demon Lord Amy.
Jewel of Hope - This yellow jewel was in secreted in the icy rings of Saturn. The jewel was uncovered first by Bell Zephyr using knowledge gained from Lion's prophetic however it was lost to her during her bout with Hiiragi Renji and was subsequently given to Shihou Elis.

Voice Actors
Miyazaki, Ui

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