Candy "Royal Candy"


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Precure All Stars Movie New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi
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Smile Precure! Movie: Ehon no Naka wa Minna Chiguhagu!
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Precure All Stars Movie New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi
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Smile Precure!
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Candy (キャンディ)
Age: Looks 5 years
Height: 6" (Candy)

Candy is the main fairy mascot of Smile Pretty Cure!. She came to Earth in search of Pretty Cure to help her in collecting the Cure Decor, in order to defend the peace in Märchenland. She loves fashion and dolling herself up. Candy ends her sentences with "kuru~"

Voice Actors
Ootani, Ikue
Derryberry, Debi