Lind Allen

Natsu e no Tobira
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Lind Allen

Marion's friend and classmate. He appears calm and collected, appearing the opposite of Jacques, but the two are good friends at first. He later turns out to be very cunning and envious, willing to hurt anyone over his love for Ledania. Lind and Jacques discover their mutual love for Ledania and become rivals from thereon. Upon discovering that Ledania is in love with Marion, Lind plans to double-cross Marion by telling the Count (Sara's husband) that Marion is having an affair with her, in hopes of getting Marion expelled from the academy and far away from Ledania. Jacques confronts him over this and, combined with their rivalry over Ledania, the situation escalates into a duel to the death. Marion gets hurt attempting to stop the two. After these events, Lind leaves the academy, transferring to a school in Paris.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Furukawa, Toshio

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