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Therru (テルー)

A mysterious girl with a fire-scarred face. Subjected to abuse and deserted by her parents, Therru lives with Tenar, her sole confidante.

Therru is the princess of Earthsea in Studio Ghibli's film Tales from Earthsea. Her true name is Tehanu. She is also a Dragon-Lady (a woman who can take the form of a dragon).

Therru has two strands of brown hair in the front tied with red ribbon while the rest of her hair remains short in the back. She has a scar on the left side of her face from where her previous parents burned her. Therru's attire consists of a plain dark pink jumper with a lighter, long-sleeved pink shirt under it as well as a white apron in the front.

It is hard to earn Therru's trust easily, probably due to being abused by her birth parents. She is tough when she needs to be, independent, and speaks her mind. While it takes a while to get to her center, she has a good heart and is very caring towards her acquaintances and any animal alike.

(Source: Studio Ghibli Wikia, talesfromearthsea)

Voice Actors
Teshima, Aoi
Restaneo, Blaire
Csuha, Borbála
Jeong, Mi Sook
Marroquín Payró, Romina
Brock, Farina
Donati, Gemma
Girard, Nadine

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