Suzu Fujibayashi

Suzu Fujibayashi

Tales of Phantasia The Animation
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Suzu Fujibayashi (藤林すず)

Hometown: Japoni
Age: 11
Weight: 28kg
Height: 135cm

Suzu is an 11-year-old ninja and the granddaughter of the chief of the Ninja Village, Japoni. Suzu seeks her parents, who have been missing for months now ever since Dhaos began to brainwash and recruit other ninjas of her clan. This eventually leads to their tragic deaths during Cless' fights in the coliseum in Euclid, which Suzu witnesses herself. Upon revisiting Japoni, she and her grandfather Ranzo both will ask the party to let her join and help them in their quest, for as promised, they helped her find her missing parents despite the sad turn of events.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kawata, Taeko
Barrier, Jessica

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