Chester "Chester Burklight" Barklight

Chester Barklight

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Chester Barklight (チェスター・バークライト)

Age: 17
Height: 5' 8"

Chester is an archer and Cress's hometown friend. Orphaned at a young age, Chester lives with his little sister, Ami Burklight. A master of the bow, he is a tireless worker with a somewhat cynical attitude.

Chester wears a light blue top with a dark blue trim and off-white, almost tan, pants. He wears a white scarf around his neck, brown, fingerless gloves, and boots which compliment his outfit's color scheme. He has long, blue hair formed in a ponytail, and carries a brown quiver on his back for storing arrows.

Chester is very caring to all who are in the same position as he, but it is often hidden by his brash exterior. He can be blunt and arrogant, and enjoys arguing with people. At the same time, he also has a lot of pride in himself, and when that pride is threatened, he can quickly turn sour and cold.

That same pride, however, also fuels a determined and unyielding nature, and he can be aroused to a hot-blooded nature when finding something to focus on.

Voice Actors
Itou, Kentarou
Vincent, David
Laisné, Grégory

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