Arche Klaine

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Arche Klaine

Age: 17
Height: 5'1"

This half-elven magic user from the town of Hamel flies through the air on a broom. Although Arche can sometimes say harsh things, she actually possesses a kind heart. She is a cheerful member of the party who is very easy to like.

When Cress, Mint and Claus originally met Arche, her body was being used by Rhea Scarlet, a victim of the destruction of a town by Demitel, a possessed minion of Dhaos. After Demitel was defeated, Arche returned to normal and decided to help fight alongside Cress and the others to defeat Dhaos. Because she is a half-elf, she was forbidden from ever entering the Elf Town hidden within the Ymir Forest.

Voice Actors
Kanai, Mika
Sheh, Stephanie
Doang, Geneviève