Noah's Ark "Hiroki Sawada"

Noah's Ark

Detective Conan Movie 06: The Phantom of Baker Street
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Noah's Ark (ノアズ・アーク)
Child prodigy Hiroki Sawada who—by the age of ten—is already a MIT grad student and has developed a DNA Tracker software. He has been under the guardianship of Thomas Schindler, owner of the software giant Schindler, Inc., since his mother died. One night, in a heavily guarded room at the top of the Schindler building where Hiroki lives, he finishes an artificial intelligence system, Noah's Ark, and sends the software through the telephone lines. The guards become suspicious and try to enter his room. They discover that Hiroki leapt off the building to his death.

Voice Actors
Orikasa, Ai
Whitehead, Maxey
Mottola, Patrizia