Lulu Bell

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Lulu Bell (ルル・ベル)

Birthdate: February 22
Age: 23
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: French
Relatives: Unknown

The blonde female Noah, who wears a black suit with a blue tie and often wears black shades. Originally appeared at the Noah Dinner Party with the first few revealed Noah.

She recently appeared in the manga again. Disguised as Andrew Nansen, she infiltrated the Order's headquarters to lead an invasion of a horde of Akuma after Allen and his friends' hard struggle in the Ark. She plans to re-obtain the "egg" and create Skulls out of the most intelligent scientists of the Black Order. After seeing Allen, she also decides to bring him to the Earl to fill the spot of the 14th. Unfortunately for her, the generals of the Black Order, Cross Marian, Cloud Nine and Winters Sokaro, have proven to be far too powerful for Lulu Bell and her high-ranking Akuma to handle. In the end, she tried to escape with the egg, but Allen was onboard and destroyed the egg, causing a massive explosion. Whether Lulu Bell survived the explosion or not is currently unknown.

Lulu Bell represents the "Lust" of Noah with the power of "Form".

In the anime adaptation, she often turns herself into a black cat to hide in the shadows or for spy purposes. She has cat-like qualities as well in her human form (for example, she licks her plate while drinking milk).

One of her main abilities as a Noah is the metamorphosis, in which she can transform herself into anyone or anything. She is not limited to a solid form, as she has been shown to transform into both humans for impersonation or water. She is especially deadly in liquid form as many attacks pass right through her. She has also been shown to turn her hands into whip-like tentacles, which she can use to pierce, strike, or slice. She is also able to affect Innocence to a certain degree. When Allen was sneak attacked by one of the Combined Akuma, he was temporarily weakened, which allowed Lulubell to negate Crown Clown with a slap.

Voice Actors
Rial, Monica
Ogasawara, Arisa
Oláh, Orsolya
Solecki, Janka
Möller, Kaya Marie
Bordallo, Mar
Dermont, Mélanie

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