Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
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Foreign Minister (外務大臣)
The Foreign Affairs minister that appears in episode 1. Section 9 learned that apparently, one of the men at the geisha house had psychically swapped brain cases with the minister in order to smuggle information out of the country. This was done by force, with the aid of the geisha robot who went into the stall with the minister. The person who was shown on the ground is the second man who followed the minister into the bathroom. The third unimportant brain he carried inside the case went into his body, his own brain went into the minister's body and the minister's brain went into the case. It was both a kidnapping and identity theft.

He is also seen again in 2nd GIG's "Cash Eye" attending a robot/cyborg/android fetish party attended by many politicians and government officials.

Voice Actors
Stigler, Barry
Horibe, Ryuuichi