Stinky "Haisuli"


Tanoshii Muumin Ikka
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Muumindani no Suisei
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Tanoshii Muumin Ikka Bouken Nikki
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Muumin (1972)
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Stinky (スティンキー)
A criminal by profession, trickster, and a dangerous influence who tempts the Moomin family to do things that are against the law. He has a code of conduct of his own, and is offended when the Moomins want to give him a large sum of money which has been causing them much trouble. Physically, Stinky looks like some sort of furry mammal, whose most characteristic attribute is his constant, unbearable stench. He appears in one book ("The Unwanted Guest") but mainly in comics and cartoons.

(source: wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Otsuka, Chikao
Maruyama, Hiroko