Wheeler Lock

Wheeler Lock

Ginga Tetsudou 999
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Wheeler Lock (ホイール・ロック)
A boy who lives on the planet Plated Witch and appears in episodes 34 and 35 of Galaxy Express 999. Wheeler desperately wishes to be able to be plated in gold as he has been oppressed his entire life by being poor and without it. This includes being kept away from the girl he loves, Mekki Gold.

When the 999 arrives on Plated Witch, Wheeler takes the opportunity to steal Maetel's suitcase, hoping to sell it for funds to get him gold plating. He is pursued by Tetsuro however and the two quickly come to blows. Eventually Wheeler is convinced by the death of his mother and Tetsuro to attack the heart of the planet such that the gold plating will vanish from the entire planet and make everyone equal. He and Tetsuro are successful, and Wheeler is reunited with Mekki.

Voice Actors
Komiyama, Kiyoshi