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Kyou (キョウ)
Kyou was one of the youngest members of Funeral Parlor.

She is full of life and gets on well with Argo. She likes Gai and considers him a hero.

Kyou first appears in episode 4 trying to prevent Inori from pressing the fire extinguisher button on the train when Shu got caught by GHQ. She told Inori that they were orders from Gai. In episode 5, Kyou was seen handing towels to Argo and Shu and told them that she was finally going to fight with Gai. With that she wishes good luck to Shu on the mock battle. During episode 6, the Leukocyte fired where Gai and Kyou were. In the end, Kyou was deeply injured and Gai shot her out of mercy, ending her life.

(Source: Guilty Crown Wikia)

Voice Actors
Edwards, Kara
Fujitou, Chika