Reiji "Reggie Mak" Maki

Reiji Maki

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Reiji Maki (巻 レイジ)
Reggie is a tall eleven-year-old boy with green hair and green eyes. His hair is spiky, rapped in a dark orange bandanna. His eyes are a piercing forest green, matching his hair perfectly. He wears a tight long sleeve shirt. The main color of his shirt is a teal blue, and along the collar and wrist areas is a green color separated by white lines. On his hands, he wears silver wristbands and gold rings. At the very bottom of his shirt is a black section that tucks into his long black sweatpants with two white lines near the ankles. He wears large high top sneakers which are green, blue, and white.

(Source: bdaman.wikia)

Voice Actors
Yanai, Hitoshi
Polidori, Alex
Minei, Alex
Rieke, Nils