Aoi Kogure

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Aoi Kogure (小暮 葵)

Aoi Kogure is a female student of class 3-A at Fumizuki Academy. She speaks in a polite manner and uses "watakushi" to refer to herself. She's also a member of the Tea Ceremony Club and the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club.

According to Akihisa Yoshii, she's a Japanese beauty who looks good in kimono, close to Shouko's type. She has bewitching atmosphere and big breasts, and her every gesture is sensual. Kouta Tsuchiya is very weak to Kogure's appearance, it often makes Aiko Kudou jealous.

She appeared for the first time in the test of courage tournament wearing a gymnastics leotard to show her good figure off, dropping almost every 2nd year male students off due to their nosebleed, including Kouta.

Voice Actors
Mitsuishi, Kotono
Harms, Martha