Ouji Ryuuzaki

Ouji Ryuuzaki

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Ouji Ryuuzaki (龍崎皇児)
Ryuuzaki Ouji is a defender and one of the SEEDs of Teikoku. He seems to have a superiority complex about him and Teikoku believing that no one could defeat him until Matsukaze passed him with Soyokaze Step.

As a member and one of the defenders of Teikoku, he played against Raimon in the Holy Road semi-finals. At Raimon's third attempt to perform their incomplete hissatsu tactic, Ultimate Thunder, Ryuuzaki quickly releases his Keshin, Ryukishi Tedis to block Kurama, thus preventing him from kicking the ball. Later he also uses his keshin to get past Shindou into which Shindou also used his keshin, Sousha Maestro but was easily get past by Ryuuzaki.

Voice Actors
Maeno, Tomoaki