Gaomon "Gao-chan"


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Gaomon (ガオモン)

Gaogamon is the Digimon Partner of Tohma H. Norstein and a member of DATS. A Beast Digimon that is thought to be a subspecies of the Gazimon-species that grew pointed claws. With its keen movements, it specializes in "Hit and Away" attacks. The gloves on its hands appear to protect its claws until they are fully grown. He is a digimon based on a shiba-inu.

Gaomon evolve into Gaogamon (Champion), MechGaogamon (Ultimate), and MirageGaogamon/MirageGaogamon Burst Mode (Mega).

Voice Actors
Nakai, Kazuya
Stellrecht, Skip
Marconatto, Alexandre
Portuguese (BR)
Jeon, Tae Yeol
Hernández, Mario

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