Woo "Manabu Kase" Ik-Han

Woo Ik-Han

Noblesse: Awakening
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Woo Ik-Han (우 익한 / 加瀬 学)

Height: 157 cm

Woo Ik-Han is a regular human and best friends to Shinwoo, Yuna and Suyi, in addition to Regis, Seira and Rai. He spends most of his free time on his computer. He wears spectacles.

A running gag throughout the Manhwa is Ikhan's worry about his relatively short height. Initially, when Regis and Seira joined his class at school, Ikhan showed extreme interest in the new students, which others supposed was Ikhan developing a crush on Seira. However, it is later revealed that Ikhan was rather enraptured by Regis, for Ikhan stated that he always wanted a fellow 'short' friend. Throughout his adventures, Ikhan is seen giving Regis foods and candies that are long and thin (such as Pocky) stating that he and Regis must eat them to grow taller (a pun on the stature of the food).

His hacking and computing skills are extremely proficient. He was able to match Tao's speeds when Tao tried to hack into Ikhan's uncle's police databases. He is also the best when it comes to computer games as it is mentioned by Shinwoo that Ikhan defeated him every time. Ikhan also shows to be quite brainy rather than brawny, taking school very seriously compared to Shinwoo.

(Source: Noblesse Wikia)

Voice Actors
Nagatsuka, Takuma
Hamada, Youhei
Perissé, Matheus
Portuguese (BR)
Ratsito, Enzo
Becerril, Diego