Kenji "Tobi, Kite" Natsume

Kenji Natsume

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Kenji Natsume (夏目 健二)
Birthdate: July 20
Blood type: B
Height: 178cm
Weight: 61kg

Tobi's history is fairly tragic in that he was forced to persevere through incredibly tough times in the past. His passion for the game of basketball is so high that no one can understand it. His skills with the ball are top level naturally gifted; his ball control, dribble, and his jump shoot are next the level.

After his father died, he and his sister went to live with a foster family, but he never approved his stepfather. He was always fighting and was never happy after his parent's death. The ball that he always carries with him was a present from his father for his birthday. He never actually received the gift from his father. He actually received it from the people that found his father's body three days before his birthday. He fights with anyone that maltreating his ball.

He loves his sister very much, and she is the only supporter he believes in. He promised her that he would win the state championship just for her.

He joined the team after Sora's continuing pursuit and dedication and through the understanding of the other teammates.

Note: Kenji's appearance is strikingly resembles the real life NBA player Allen Iverson, which Kenji seems to be based off of, especially noted with Allen Iverson-type shooting sleeves and tattoos, but most of all, the trademark hair which are cornrows. When Kenji is not playing, he has his hair is undone (just like Iverson). He also has amazing handles and explodes to the basket with great speed, which is also how Iverson played.

Voice Actors
Taniyama, Kishou