Sengyoku Tou

Sengyoku Tou

Hakyuu Houshin Engi
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Sengyoku Tou (鄧 蝉玉)
Tou Sengyoku is a doushi of Kingou Island and the daughter of an officer of the Yin army Tou Kyuukou. Under Bunchuu's orders she spied on the Zhou army, but eventually switched side to Taikoubou and the Kongrong mountains after falling in love with Dokouson. She is afraid of birds and all disgusting things. Her fear of birds came from Ryuukan stalking her, because he is an archer that can control a large phoenix.

Her paopei is a magic ball Gokouseki that chases her target and makes it's face 'strangely lewd' (similar to 70s shoujo manga) when it makes contact. When Taiitsu Shinjin examined her paopei he discovered a 20% limiter inserted in it. Removing the limiter increased the impact power of the ball and allowed it to fire splitting images that distract enemy, but increased the energy drain from Sengyoku.

Voice Actors
Asai, Ayaka