Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
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Hazuki (ハヅキ)
Ceres Tyte's girlfriend and lover. Because of Ceres' status as a male selishi, Hazuki is not allowed to have a relationship with him, so the two resolve to elope together. Thinking at first that Korudine is a kind soul who will help them escape the nations under the church's influence, she soon overhears that Korudine and her bandit thugs plan to use them to breed more seikishi. After being rescued by Kenshi, Hazuki and Ceres attempt to start a new life together, away from the church.

However, after awhile, a Havoniwa senator informs Dagmyer's lieutenants where Ceres and Hazuki living, so they take Hazuki hostage. They promise to let her go only if Ceres kills Kenshi in a suicide attack. When Kenshi attacks the bandit's hideout in a rage, Hazuki is spirited away by Ran, who intends to use her to breed more seikishi. Before they can get away, Hazuki is rescued by Chiaia and Aura, and reunited with Ceres. The two of them become citizens of Kenshi's new country, as the Swan is the safest place for Hazuki to be. She help out on the Swan by cleaning and helping Ceres with his work. She also tags along on the Mechanoid that Ceres pilots,even into battle, just to be with him.

Voice Actors
Ishikawa, Ayano