Hamilcar Valca

Hamilcar Valca

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Hamilcar Valca (ハミルカル・ヴァルカ)
Hamilcar Valca is the father of Claus Valca. Although Valca came from nobility, he took his family to Norkia out of love for its free skies. He became immediate friends with Georges Head, and the two became a famous vanship courier duo. They died in the attempt to deliver a peace offer to Disith when Exile's defense system reacted to their presence in the Grand Stream. Valca died when Claus was five years old.

His name was derived from the actual historical figure Hamilcar Barca, Carthaginian general during the First Punic War and father of the famous tactician Hannibal.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Thornton, Kirk
Kanao, Tetsuo