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Syaoran Li (李小狼)

Mysterious person kept asleep in a liquid chamber at Fei Wong Reed's palace, with his left eye covered by a piece of cloth, his hands and arms by binding spells and wearing clothes marking Fei Wong Reed's bat symbol.

Syaoran Name:
Syaoran's name is Chinese in origin, commonly romanized from Chinese as Xiaolang. His given name, Syaoran (小狼), in both Chinese and Japanese, means "little wolf". His last name, Li (李), is a common Chinese surname, meaning "plum". In Korea and occasionally in Taiwan and Hong Kong, it is romanized as Lee.

Manga Spoilers:

(Source: Wikipedia)

In Horitsuba Gakuen, he is Syaoran's twin brother called Syaoron (シャオロン, 小龍).

Voice Actors
Irino, Miyu
Liebrecht, Jason
Turba, David
Eom, Sang Hyeon
Beaucaire, Nicolas

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