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Nozomi (ノゾミ)

Nozomi (ノゾミ) is an eighteen-year-old, soft-spoken and shy friend of Yuka. Though she desires to become a singer, she has a psychological bladder problem because of her father's frequent abuse, causing her to wear diapers. After an initial encounter with Kouta causes Nozomi to embarrass herself and wet her clothes, Kouta pushes her into a nearby reflection pool to hide the reason for her wet clothes. This earns Kouta Nozomi's trust and friendship, and she even prevents him from getting hit by an angry Yuka shortly thereafter.

Nozomi is revealed to have a great talent for singing.

[spoiler]However, due to her father's abuse, in addition to her family's dislike toward her musical education due to her throat defect as well as being the only heir to her father's corporation, Nozomi has no place to study and prepare for the difficult entrance exams for her musical education. Nozomi often stays with Yuka and Kouta so that she can prepare for the entrance exam without her father's approval, and later moves in with them after she passes and is accepted as a student. While she is extremely embarrassed about her friends discovering her need to wear diapers all the time at first, she eventually comes to trust her friends enough that she leaves off trying to hide her diapers or even the fact that she wets them. Nana notes later that year that Nozomi was familiar enough with the occupants of Kaede Inn that she eventually took to wearing just a diaper and a shirt short enough to leave her diaper fully exposed.[spoiler]

Nozomi teaches Nyu to sing the titular song "Elfenlied".

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