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Birthday: March 3

Every sun has its moon, every head has its tail, and every Kei has its Yuri. Like oil and water, Kei and Yuri don't mix... and she is the first one to complain about it!

Born on the colony world Shack G, Yuri is the idol pop princess kind of girl who dreams of dates and lives in her own self absorbed beauty. Yuri is always ogling to date hot young boys (the richer the better), and she'd gladly cancel any mission to date them, even though her job and Kei at times are mainly responsible for her dates canceling.

Personality wise, Yuri is far more girlie, and sort of a "daddy's girl". She's always whining and pouting when things don't go her way.

Yuri is also very obsessed with her own beauty. She even believes criminals attack her because they're jealous of her good looks. But she is loyal to her job none the less, and is pretty bad ass with her light saber weapon.

Even if the two fight like sisters, Yuri wants Kei to stay, and worries about her when she's in a funk or in danger.

Voice Actors
Kouda, Mariko
Sevier, Kim
Jeong, Mi Sook